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The Red River Metis Fur Company was established as a community-based fur trading company in Manitoba, Canada, by the Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) in 2021. The MMF is the representative democratic government for the Metis Nation in Manitoba, which is a distinct Indigenous people in Canada with a unique culture, language, and history. The Metis people have a long history of fur trading and have traditionally been involved in the fur industry in Manitoba and across Canada.

The Red River Metis Fur Company was established as a way to support Metis fur harvesters and traders in Manitoba by providing a market for their furs & hides and offering above market prices for their products. The company also aims to promote sustainable and ethical fur harvesting practices among its suppliers and to create economic opportunities for Metis communities in Manitoba.

One of the main goals of the Red River Metis Fur Company is to ensure that Metis people are able to continue practicing their traditional way of life and earning a living through fur harvesting and trading. By establishing a community-based fur trading company, the MMF aims to create a sustainable and self-determined economic model for Metis people in Manitoba, which is grounded in their cultural traditions and values.