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Fur Prices

The quality of fur depends on a variety of factors for prices being paid, including the species, grade (clean / damaged), production techniques, and amount of care given to the fur after production (washed / combed). Accordingly, prices of fur will vary widely depending on these factors.

Fur prices are determined by the global fur market and are always fluctuating, it is a complex system involving many different factors. Prices and fashion trends are closely linked because what is fashionable and in demand will typically dictate the price of the fur. Generally, when designers feature fur in their collections, fur prices will rise, and when fur is out of style prices will drop. Canada Goose is a perfect example of what happened to the coyote market. In some cases, a particular species of fur may be in demand and its prices may be higher than other species. Also, certain colors of fur may become more sought-after than others, raising the price of those colors. Factors like the cost of production and demand from the luxury market will also impact the price of fur and fashion trends.

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