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Fur Subsidy

The RRMFC recognizes the importance of trapping within its Métis citizens for cultural and heritage reasons and is paying 25% above market prices.

The RRMFC has recognized the challenges Métis trappers have endured over the last few years. Market prices in wild fur have been negatively affected by the low prices paid for ranched mink, the war between Ukraine and Russia, and covid which shut down the world for almost three years. China and Russia are the largest markets for all fur which includes wild and ranched (mink / fox). The Western sanctions imposed against Russia has impacted the exporting of fur to Russia from both Canada and the USA, which in turn has affected the wholesale business from Russia into the Ukraine for fur garments and fur accessories.

China’s market completely stopped when covid shutdowns were implemented. Years of inventory remained on the retail racks as people weren’t allowed to leave their dwellings to shop for fur garments or accessories. Not to mention the high gas prices at the pumps, it gets very expensive to run vehicles or skidoos when you need to check a trap line. The 25% subsidy increase based on market prices helps offset some of the issues mentioned above.